Main Stratergy

ASRuD’s Main Strategies

ASRuD identifies clearly the innate potential in all mankind especially the rural poor which when developed can help achieve the above set objectives. In view of this, ASRuD has, among others, the following key strategies:-

1. Developing and adopting an appropriate Asset-Based Community Development Approach in project identification and execution at the community level.
2. Working in strong partnership with the rural populace to unearth their great potential, talents, and capacities.
3. Harnessing and coordinating such developmental assets as in putting them into valuable usage to achieve holistic socio-economic growth.
4. Partnering with other non-governmental and governmental agencies and associations whose work is geared towards developing the rural economy in ASRuD’s operational areas and Ghana as a whole.
5. Adopting and developing the supply and value chain approach into ASRuD’s operational tripod which are:
i. Sustainable Agricultural Development options including community based land management opportunities.
ii. Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) Development with Microfinance (MF) support services.
iii. Social development programmes which includes
a. Popularizing enhanced skill acquisition for self-employment options targeting women and the youth.
b. Promotion of loving tender care options for HIV/AIDS victims as well as enhancing the education of prevention of such deadly diseases in society etc.
6. Developing and enhancing a more effective means of mobilising funds, both locally and internationally, towards community development.
7. Making pragmatic efforts at developing the human capital of ASRuD as the most valued asset of the organization that is capable of sustaining the principal tenets within which ASRuD operates.